The International Year of Small Island Developing States

Low Carbon Economy

Low carbon economy in small islands “…not just an option…it is the only way…” Staggering 90 per cent of primary energy comes from fossil fuels May 18, 2012, Belmopan, Belize: For the Cook Islands, located in the South Pacific, transformation of the energy sector through the development and deployment of renewable energy resources and technologies [...]

Financial Resources For Investing

What will be the sources of financial resources for investing in Sustainable Energy Projects and the role of SIDS DOCK? SIDS DOCK will facilitate funding for investment in sustainable energy projects through a combination of sources including the SIDS themselves (government, private sector, social organizations), and the global private sector and development partners, with the [...]

Financial Resources For Adaptation

How Can SIDS Generate Financial Resources for Adaptation to Climate Change through the Energy Sector and How would SIDS DOCK Help? GHG from the SIDS energy sector is estimated at 38 million tons of carbon annually. Based on projected carbon price of USD 20 per ton, a 25 percent reduction in carbon emissions by SIDS [...]

What is SIDS Dock

“It is an initiative among member countries of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) to provide the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) with a collective institutional mechanism to assist them transform their national energy sectors into a catalyst for sustainable economic development and help generate financial resources to address adaptation to climate change.

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