Join the SIDS DOCK Island Women Open Network

It’s about SURVIVAL. “SIDS need a threshold of less than 1.5 To Stay Alive! Members of SIDS DOCK are likely to be the largest economic losers with large displaced populations if average global temperatures go beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius, corresponding to 350 ppm, which is considered the threshold for the continued survival of ecosystems essential to livelihoods in Small Island Developing States and low-lying coastal States.”

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Alliance of Small Island States Climate Change Fellowship Program

Individuals interested in applying should contact their respective UN mission.  The deadline for applications is October 10, 2017.

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Latest News

Dominica’s Geothermal Dream About to Become Reality

Dominica says it plans to establish a small geothermal plant despite a few “hiccups’’ with investors. Credit: Charles Jong

ROSEAU, Dominica, Sep 6 2017 (IPS) – The tiny Caribbean island of Dominica has moved one step closer to its dream of constructing a geothermal plant, a project that is expected to reduce the country’s

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CCREEE Call for Applications, Deadline: November 17, 2017

Vacancy: Executive Director of CCREEE

Reporting to the Executive Board, the Executive Director (ED) will manage the successful completion of the first operational phase and the establishment of the program and project portfolio of the Centre. In this role, the ED will have direct oversight for the technical program of the

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Rivkin Radler Team Presents at SIDS DOCK

On September 22, Nancy Del Pizzo, Steve Shapiro and Marc Ullman made a presentation to the Small Island Developing States (SIDS DOCK) Island Women Open Network (IWON) at the Commonwealth Joint Offices in New York City. The presentation, which took place at the first meeting of the SIDS DOCK IWON Committee, described the legal services

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What is SIDS Dock?

It is an initiative among member countries of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) to provide the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) with a collective institutional mechanism to assist them transform their national energy sectors into a catalyst for sustainable economic development and help generate financial resources to address adaptation to climate change.”