Important Information for Side Event Organizers – SIDS Conference

Dear Side Event organizers,

We would like to inform you that the online programme of side events for the Samoa SIDS Conference can be found at Please take note of the conference room allocated for your event.

Conference rooms will have:
· Seating for 100 persons
· One seven seat podium
· PA with three table microphones, two wireless roaming microphones and one standing lectern and projection equipment (showing of PowerPoint presentations)

Please bring your own laptop to connect to the projector for PowerPoint – laptops will not be provided.

Kindly note that set up of the rooms cannot be changed.

Please be advised that all side events could be subject to change and/or cancellation by the Secretariat without prior notice. Please check the website for the latest updates:

Online program side event descriptions:
If you need to update the text describing your event on the online side event program, please send an email to with the reference number of the event and thenew text to replace on the website before 15 August.

The Government of Samoa will provide light refreshments (morning/afternoon tea type) for all side events or light lunch if time coincides with the lunch hour.

Important “Information for participants”:

A guide on “Making your own contribution to the sustainability of the SIDS conference”:

Reminder about Accreditation/Registration:
Organizers, participants and all speakers for side events inside the Conference venue will need to be accredited to the Conference – no temporary badges will be issued.
With best regards, The Side Events Team Conference Secretariat



UN Conference on Small Island Developing States | Samoa 2014


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