Who Developed SIDS DOCK?

SIDS DOCK has been developed jointly by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (5Cs) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), the two regional government institutions with foremost responsibility for assisting the SIDS in the Pacific and Caribbean regions to address the impacts of climate change, working in cooperation with AOSIS.

SIDS DOCK will be structured but flexible, allowing it to respond to national situations; it will be internationally and regionally supported. The functions of SIDS DOCK are to:

  1. Assist SIDS with developing a sustainable energy sector by increasing energy efficiency and developing renewable energy resources.
  2. Provide a vehicle for mobilizing financial and technical resources to catalyze low carbon economic growth.
  3. Provide SIDS with a mechanism for connecting with the global financial, technology, and carbon market taking advantage of the resource transfer possibilities that will be afforded.
  4. Provide a mechanism to help SIDS generate the financial resources to invest in climate change adaptation.